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Pen Factory

The Pen Factory on Hope Street is a new addition to the ale options in the Hope Street/Hardman Street area of town.

It opened up in December 2014, and is run by Paddy Byrne – who used to run the Everyman Bistro. The Pen Factory has been set up in the basement of the building (the Annexe) adjacent to the newly rebuilt Everyman (there are ales in the basement bar of the Everyman by the way, but hard to recommend on recent visits).

It is a roomy venue so a good choice to pop in if you are in a biggish group and it has four hand pulls on and draught real cider too. It does food – which I haven’t tried but with Paddy’s history is likely to be good value proper nosh.

It’s early days for the venue and the cellar. But the evidence to date is that it will be a fine addition to any crawl around this end of town. The biggest problem maybe deciding which pub to drop of your crawl to fit it in…

Pen Factory, Hope Street

Pen Factory, Hope Street


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